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Sino-US trade war is not optimistic, how do small and medium-sized sellers stop losses in time?


The biggest news of recent imports and exports, cross-border circles, is the Sino-US trade war over the United States'"Section 301." on March 22, US President Trump signed a presidential memorandum against China. The United States will impose tariffs on more than $50 billion in imports from China. On the same day, the U.S. stock market was badly washed, with all three indexes tumbling more than 2 points, with Dow Jones down 724.42 points, its biggest drop in Monday. On March 23, China's Ministry of Commerce responded to the tariff by issuing a tariff of about $3 billion on U.S. imports of steel and aluminium products. The Nikkei 225 Index fell 4.5%, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index dropped 2.5.A shares fell sharply, the Prev Index closed down 3.39m, the Shanghai stock index closed down 3.39m, deep index closed down 4%, and the gem index fell 5%. Rubber, thread steel closed down by a limit. 

Where is the trend of the trade war going? if the Sino-US trade war begins, It is clearly a game of loss. In addition to the first round of tariffs to be imposed on some dry fruits, fruits, wine and other products on Friday, it has been decided to negotiate with the US side. A second round of higher tariffs is being imposed on products such as pork and aluminium recycling. Some Hong Kong analysts believe Trump's move to control Chinese imports is similar to the outrage of US lawmakers over Japanese products in 1987. It is believed that China is playing a leading role in the global science and technology industry and has threatened the position of the United States. There is great uncertainty as to where the middle and small sellers are going in the trade war between China and the United States. And the real interests are most easily affected by those engaged in import and export trade and cross-border e-commerce. 

The progress of the trade war has become the focus of attention in the market this week. Whether the situation is slowing down or taking a bad turn, it is for small and medium-sized sellers across the border. It's all a wake-up call, all eggs are in one basket, it's not advisable. If you have a market alert and you know how to spread the risk, you can be an invincible seller. One way is to unlock new markets, such as Europe, Japan and South Korea, using the most professional multilingual translation platform in the cross-border industry to prevent bamboo baskets from beating empty.