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Amazon pilot new project to photograph professional products for FBA vendors


        图片2.pngRecently, Amazon is experimenting with a new service-taking pictures of professional products for FBA sellers. Amazon now has its own camera studio, and now the platform is inviting specific vendors to try the service. Of course, sellers also have to pay a price. After taking photos, Amazon will get the rights to them. This means that the platform can share images for all similar listing, regardless of who the seller is. At the same time, sellers cannot use these images in their own non-Amazon stores. The pilot project is currently limited to a few product categories: clothing, shoes, sporting goods, outdoor supplies, jewelry, watches, books, video games, cars, DVDs, tools and music. If the seller thinks participating in the project will bring more sales, you can do it. There is no doubt that Amazon ranks images with some sort of algorithm, and with the pictures they take, the rankings are definitely higher. But, It would also benefit competitors who sell similar products.